“Closing time” can vary depending on where you’re drinking the drinks — some cities it’s 1am, some it’s 3am, some it’s 4am, and in a few it’s “never, except for the 20 minutes we need to mop up.” One thing that is constant: So It doesn’t  matter how late they can stay out, some people will choose to go home well before they have to, citing the rule that “Nothing good happens after midnight”.

Here are the reasons you should ignore those people and stay out as long as possible.
  1. Because “very late” is the best time to meet your future spouse
  2. There might be a some private secret after-party
  3. You’re going to sleep late anyway
  4. Late-night is the best time to take a shot with your bartender
  5. You get to eat late-night pizza with beer & cococktails
  6. After closing time, there are open cabs galore
  7. You still have songs coming up on the jukebox & dancing on Dj floor
  8. Your friends aren’t leaving. They are drinking with friends whole night
  9. If everybody goes home before closing time they’ll start making closing time earlier
  10. Because “nothing good happens before noon” is the new “nothing good happens after midnight”


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