It’s not happy hour for everyone.

To determine who fell into each category, the researchers asked 374 men and women to sober up and take a survey based on their drinking personalities. They also asked a friend of each participant to take the survey to make sure the subjects weren’t deluding themselves.

Drunk people transform into one of five  personality types :

1. The Happy 


Happy drunk person can be identified by his/her mood. They will laugh too much & dance all the time whenever they get the chance & always act like they are having the amazing night of their life.


2. The Sentimental


These people spend all time with everyone & telling about their past & how much they love them & then crying ,  Both real and imagined .


3. The Violent


These people spend all night in full attitude .They are talking shit about them & at some point they will get in a fight over something  like someone looking at them in funny way.


4. The Professional


This drunker is different from others. Because of this reason they have maintained an art form & they are alcoholics.


5. The Touchy-Feely


This type of drunker will hug you so many times throughout the night &  say such lines that will make you uneasy  like “friend” and “ hey “ , I think you might be a sex offender.


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