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Top 5 places to drink beer in Delhi

After the dog, beer is considered to be man’s best friend. While you can pet a dog anywhere, it becomes difficult to visit bars every Saturday evening to crack open a cold one with the boys as it can leave a hole in your wallet. Hopefully, Delhi is known for its long list of bar and lounges, many of which offer liquor at economical prices.

Here, we have listed Delhi’s top 5 bars where you can drink beers cheap and enjoy the spectacular ambience.

My Bar (Connaught Place)

It’s the most famous cheap bar of the lot. While it’s economical, you won’t find a blowback for the low-cost servings in the bar. The yellow-tinged interiors look even better when you’re 4 pints down, believe us. The Afghan Tangri serves as the perfect non vegetarian snack or chakhna as South Asians call it. For vegetarians, there’s mushroom bruschetta or cheese cutlet with chips that complement the taste of the beer.
My Bar, bars in CP

Castle 9 (Connaught Place)

Castle 9 is considered to be one of the best bars in CP. Castle 9 is a better choice if you’re meeting an old friend who you haven’t met for over seven years. The bar and restaurant serves well as a date point too. There’s separate section for the party people who want to enjoy loud music and disco lights. You’ll find the price of a pint to be slightly higher here. A Kingfisher Premier pint costs Rs 119 but the bottle costs Rs 179. It’s better to order the whole bottle.
Castle 9 has the best honey chilly potato that accentuates the flavour of the beer. You have to check out their red sauce pasta too, in case you’re planning to dine there.
Castle 9 , bars in CP

Café MRP (Connaught Place)

Café MRP is the winner of this list. Compared to all the bars in this list, it has the cheapest pints. A Budweiser is marked around Rs 75 here. At Castle 9, a Bira 91 Blonde pint can cost Rs 279, but at Café MRP, the same pint can cost Rs 90. Café MRP serves an assorted chakhna platter for beer lovers. You should try their exotic sauté vegetables too. Cafe MRP is considered to be one of the best bars in CP.
Cafe MRP, bars in CP

Area 69 (Gurugram)

Area 69 isn’t your average bar and you should not bring your girlfriend here (although reviews say it’s completely safe for girls). In fact, the place doesn’t even have its own bar. Does BYOB ring a bell? Apart from being an awesome song from System of a Down, BYOB stands for ‘Bring Your Own Booze’.
Yes, the establishment allows you to bring your own beer. The food these guys offer are scrumptious, In fact, the juicy chicken steak marinated with delectable sauces melts right in your mouth. Make sure you visit this place!
Area 69, Gurugram

736 AD (Vijay Nagar)

This lounge and bar captures the essence of Delhi in the year it was established. There’s variety of beer that you can choose from, including Mahou, Pale Ale, Stella Artois, and Hoegaarden. The ambience is quite different at 736 AD and it makes you want to stay there for a really long time.
736 AD, Vijay Nagar
Did we miss something? Let us know so we know what we have to do this Saturday evening 😉

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