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Top 5 ‘cold ones’ that won’t give you a beer belly

We know, whenever you crack open a cold one with the boys, your girlfriend/wife starts nagging about your body and health. Your belly is coming out, faster than George Michael. Beer is a gift from Dionysus but sadly, it has a downside of making you look like Jabba the Hutt. Wouldn’t it be great if scientists created a beer that would never put a single calorie in your body? While we are far from that much-needed giant leap for mankind, we do have beers that don’t contribute much in calories. Here are the top 5 beers that won’t give you a beer belly:

Top 5 ‘cold ones’ that won’t give you a beer belly

 Budweiser Select 55

55 calories

Budweiser Select 55 is a light blonde beer with a crisp and clean texture. The beer is brewed from caramel malts and mixture of imported and domestic hopping.

Heineken Light: 99 calories

99 calories

Heineken Light is a great beer to go with your chicken wings.  All malt provides a zesty base and the cascade hops give it herbal and citrus notes.

 Corona Light: 99 calories

105 calories

It has the same refreshing taste like Corona Extra, minus the calories. Corona Light has a mild aroma of herbs and grain.

 Bira 91

90 calories

Bira 91 is brewed with two-row barleys. It has notes of extra malts and bitter hops.

 Miller 64

64 Calories

Miller 64 is stylized as a light yellow/neon fruit beer with a natural lemon flavor and sucralose.


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