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Top 5 Bourbon Cocktails you shouldn’t miss

Bourbon is the spirit of America, both literally and figuratively. A lot of people like to drink it neat while they make important parle, as Hollywood has shown us. However, you can use it to create delectable cocktails too. Here are the top 5 bourbon drinks you shouldn’t miss.


This is a simple bourbon drink if you wish to warm yourself in the winters or at a ski resort. It’s a sweet combination of Campari, a bourbon of your choice (preferably Jack Daniels), and sweet vermouth. You can garnish the drink with a twist of orange.

If you want to feel badass while drinking this cocktail, sit by the fire and sing ‘Baba Yaga’. But then pray John Wick does not find you.

Bourbon Drinks - Boulevardier

Rock n Rolla

This drink is easy to make since it uses easily accessible ingredients. You’ll need an overproof bourbon like Colonel EH Taylor Barrelproof Bourbon or Booker’s. Add the bourbon, apple juice, lemon juice, and Angostura bitters to a shaker and shake the ingredients well.

The taste will rock you like the name. If you’re caught in flames while trying to light the drink on fire, stop, drop, and roll.

Bourbon Drink - Rock n Rolla

Alpine Manhattan

If you’re missing Aspen or the Alps, this is the cocktail to concoct. Alpine Manhattan features an ounce and a half of your favorite bourbon and an ounce of pine syrup. You can also add Angostura bitters.

Bourbon Drinks - Alpine Manhattan

Old Fashioned

This what the mob bosses would drink before putting their enemies to sleep with the fishes. It’s the easiest bourbon cocktail to make on this roster. Mix the bourbon with club soda and Angostura bitters according to taste. If it misses the sweetness, you can add some sugar. Garnish the drink with an orange wheel or a maraschino cherry. Keep the cocktail in reach if you haven’t paid the protection money.

Bourbon Drinks- old fashioned


Blushing Betty

Blushing Betty is perfect for the introverted girls’ night out at your place that you’ve been planning for weeks.  You’ll need to make some simple syrup before creating this Vitamin-C rich cocktail. Mix equal parts of sugar and water with each other and heat till it becomes syrup. Keep the syrup sealed in the fridge.

Shake grapefruit juice, bourbon, and the simple syrup in a shaker. Drink it on the rocks like Mel Gibson.

Bourbon Drinks - Blushing Betty

Bonus: Maple Bourbon Eggnog

This is a Christmas special because we’re missing the holidays. Canadians will love this drink. You just need to mix 2 cups of bourbon to the traditional recipe of eggnog that grandma makes. Garnish it with crispy bacon. Thank us later.

Bourbon Drinks - Maple Bourbon Eggnog

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!

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