Top 5 beer cocktails that’ll satiate your thirsty soul

It is summertime and we’re sure your fridge is full of a variety of beers. Instead of downing those pints directly, why not experiment this time? Everybody knows cocktails use a number of different liquors, but, have you ever seen a pint of Heineken added to a Long Island Iced Tea?

Beers can be used to make luscious cocktails too, and on that note, here are the top 5 beer cocktails that you should be drinking this summer.


Raspberry Beer Mojito

Nothing says ‘I am cool, man’ more than sitting by the pool when the sun strikes on a summer Sunday. A Carlsberg or a Corona is perfect in such a situation. But, for the more adventurous who love experimenting with booze, there’s Raspberry Beer Mojito. There are various adaptations of this beautiful drink where some variations require adding umpteen liquors.

The basic recipe of a Raspberry Beer Mojito includes Raspberry beer, spiced rum, and a hint of lime juice. The ingredients are stirred together to blend well and served with mint leaves and chopped lime. If you don’t have raspberry beer, you can crush fresh raspberries and add blend them with Budweiser Select 55. The Budweiser won’t interfere with the raspberry’s flavour, but catalyse it.

Beer Cocktail - Raspberry Beer Mojito

Black Velvet

This is a royal beer cocktail which was created to mourn the passing of Queen Victoria’s Prince Consort, Prince Albert. The beer cocktail looks quite zesty even though it was made to pay a tribute. It’s made by mixing stout and champagne in equal parts. You can use Guinness Draught and any fine brand of champagne (cheap ones will taste cheap). The different densities of both the liquors case them to layer on each other. Black Velvet looks good in parties.

Beer cocktail - Black velvet

Lemon Shandy

It’s the easiest beer cocktail in the list along with Raspberry Beer Mojito. The Raspberry Beer Mojito requires you to buy raspberry beer which can often be unavailable. A lemon Shandy can be made by mixing Sprite and a Lager. You can also use a Blond.

Mint extract along with chopped mint leaves and lime perfect the drink. Please don’t drink this in a cocktail glass to look cool. It is best served in a highball glass or a pint glass.

Lemon Shandy Beer cocktail


Watermelon Sangria

Mix 8 ounces of Leinenkugel’s Watermelon Shandy, 3 ounces of ginger ale, some simple syrup, and a little club soda. Avoid pouring in a lot of ginger ale, you will regret it later. We know we did.


Watermelon Sangria Beer Cocktail


Pumpkin Pie Cream Ale

Pumpkin Ale tastes great with roasted chicken, pizza, pork tenderloin, and of course, bacon. To make lunch more interesting, you can make Pumpkin Pie Cream Ale instead of serving a bottle each of Pumpkin Ale. Making Pumpkin Pie Cream Ale is easy as you have to mix the pint of the ale with 1.5 ounces of Crown Royal Vanilla. After a hearty meal with this beer cocktail, a nap on the backyard hammock is what you should do. Thank us later.

Pumpkin Pie Cream Ale Beer Cocktail

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