The Way of holding a drink reveals your personality!

“The next time you’re in a bar, it might be worth thinking about what you’re saying to the people around you just by the way you’re holding your glass.”

The five  types of personality identified are:

1. The Flirt 


A woman, who holds her glass with delicacy & uses it in a annoying way. She may position it over her cleavage so as to draw attention from boys to her attributes or peer over the rim to make eye contact when taking a sip.

2. The Gossip


Only women drinkers sit together in group & talking about other people. She holds a wine glass by the bowl and uses it to make points in conversation. She is inclined to angle over her drink, in towards others so as to speak confidentially. She has a small social group with inclination to extend it, One more thing for these type of social group outsiders are not welcomed.

3. The Fun-lover


This type of drinker may be a man or a women, who drinks to be sociable and values togetherness. He / she enjoys being with their friends, and likes to laugh while raising the glass of drinks as high as possible with excitement at its peak! This type of person is always happy to extend their social circle. The best way to approach them therefore is to leap directly into light, good-humored conversation and make them laugh.

4. The Ice-queen


This is a mainly women type whose natural style is cold and defending.She drinks from a wine glass, or a short glass, which is held firmly in a hurdle position across the body so as to deter intimate approaches. It is usually a waste of time approaching this woman.

5. The Wallflower


This is a shy, dutiful individual who holds the glass protectively, not letting go, as though afraid somebody will take it away . The drink is small (maybe half a pint of lager for a man). It may be drunk through a straw, which is twisted with, and used to stir the drink between sips.

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