The unheard local drinks of india

We love exploring and are more than willing to try local restaurants. We enjoy the local food to the core. Aren’t you bored of ordering the daily beer with your food to complete your meal. How about giving a green signal to the very exclusive drinks made by the natives of that particular land?  Well no second thoughts to it.

Let’s do it!!

1. Chhang – Ladakh


Luring barley beer

Imagine yourself in the middle of beautiful from lands with snow-covered hills and chilly air crossing your face Ahhh even the thought is beautiful! now think more and imagine  a glass of chhang. Sounds PERFECTO.

Yes, I know you just don’t want to come back now.

2. Po:ro Apong – Assam


Fairy’s breast milk magic to brew beer.

Try a ‘’dude i am high’’ drink in Assam with assamese food and culture, indeed you would ask for cans to bring home.

3. Handia – Jharkhand


Santhalis and Mundas offered it to god.

This beer is also given as a gift to relatives on weddings; take this as a gift to somebody’s. However, try to treat to as a gift and don’t just engulf it all by yourself because you couldn’t resist it. Pheew!

4. Feni – Goa


Cashew nut apples turned into yum spirits.

Thanks to Portugals for bringing cashew nut trees to Goa, well we just made something off the mind and it’s called Feni.

5. Zutho – Nagaland


Japanese sake in this concoction

Too secretive to know, this drink is only limited to the Nagaland as nobody could hack in their procedure of making this rice wine.

6. Kesar Kasturi – Rajasthan


Rajasthani heritage.

This maharaja drink is made by rajasthanis with more than 22 spices. Can’t even imagine what it would taste like. can you think of it?

7. Mahua – Maharashtra


International scotch fails its essence to this flower miracle

Travelling in Maharashtra, explore this exquisite flowery wine

8. Sekmai Yu – Manipur


Walking, talking and sipping.

Manipuri Segmai people make this rice wine through an arduous procedure.

9. Bangla – West Bengal


Seems like Goddess Kali liked it

It might turn a little dangerous so don’t forget to show any chauvinism and don’t even try to pleas your stomach too much, a glass would be enough. Try with adequate precautions and ‘do not call home’ after drinking this.

10. Lugdi – Himachal Pradesh


Manali’s consumption!!

Yeh jaani hai dewani has already done the introduction. The all that is left is to try when you reach Manali again next.


P.S- do not try to take up any challenge for who drinks more. Be a little uptight to just trial and have fun.

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