The College Party That’s Actually Sober

Remaining sober in college Party is no doubt an estranging experience. Nobody invites you to house parties much, you will not have any stories to tell your friends from the party night, and, quite honestly, some may even think that you are unexciting and this really hurts.

1. What I Learnt by Being Sober in College

Being sober in parties is difficult. The reason is not the temptation to drink or even friends forcing you to drink but it is the only thing that no one actually talks about. It does not mean that college should be an endless party. You can even enjoy yourselves with friends without alcohol. When I was in college we use to have crazy parties like the ones that happen in movies. Sobriety has provided me with the capability to conclude what I commence. My level of energy is very high and my head is clear. This helps me to get better ideas and execute them properly as well.

2. Honest Things You Discover When Sober at Parties


  • o The ‘boozed Party companion’ incident

The boozed party friend later when he is sober will prove to be unbearable.

  • o You Can Be the Hero

When you are the lone sober person in a party it gives plenty of chances to be a hero. You can become a mediator, a DJ, a game referee and many more.

  • o You have 20/20 vision

Being sober in the midst of dynamic drunk hounds has its reward. You will be able to know in advance if the party will move in a rave or sing-along course. You recognize precisely when the cask is going to be begged while everyone else is in addition lost in thought to keep track. You will be able to see what is actually going on right in front of you.

Remaining sober in college is not an easy act. Pregaming (also pre-loading or pre-drinking that is drinking before social or sporting events), is uncontrolled but if you have the heart and strong mind you can stay sober at college party.

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