Ten hangover nightmares: those who lived to regret the night before

When someone gets up after having a night fuelled with alcohol, then he normally suffers from headache and dizziness. However, some end up making biggest blunder of their lives under the illusion of hangover. Later they regret that why they were so much drunk. Here is the list ten hangover blunders.

1. “spending endless” Hangover

Mr. Perkins , A personnel of a reputed oil company drank so much on an event that he almost spends five hundred and forty million Dollars of his Firm. Though the team in PVM oil realized about the mistake and bash to mend up the situation and fixed up 9.7 million $ losses. Due to the actions of Perkins oil prices shoot up. Once he gets off from his hangover, at that time he was relieved from his position and investigations were going on.

2. Normal men to fighter” Hangover

One can reach to “area 51” in hangover. Alcohol can make you do anything which you have never dreamt off. Same happened with these two young men John Nugent 22 and David McKenna 27. They are counted as “decent guys” of their group. One night after party they turned in to fighter and hit a journalist Paresh Patel. Paresh was covering an event and was calling his team. Both young men felt that he was calling cops and they landed over the innocent journalist. Later these two man were found guilty of fighting and assaulting.

3. “Driving” Hangover

Drink and drive is a punishable offence in many countries. However, in this hangover story, a van driver reached home, but he didn’t remember where he parked his car. In the morning once he is done with his hangover, he found his van mentioned in a TV news that it was parked through the front window of a Thai restaurant. Luckily no one got injured and Driver was charged with the case of drink and drive.

4. “Oh gosh! I said this” Hangover

DJ Paula from BBC radio had to apologise from all her listeners for using bad words on her live radio show.  She came for her final show at the radio station and used very bad language. Later she appeared in the morning show just to say “Sorry” to her listeners.

5. “Pirate hangover”

51 year old Alison Whelan became a pirate in her hangover state. However, she didn’t stop here she dragged a vessel loaded with hundred passenger to a mile upstream shouting all the way “I am jack Sparrow”.

6. “Do little “Hangover

Movies show their real impact on people under hangover state. A man in Sao Paulo after drinking up to his neck thought that he was “Doctor. Do little” went on to hug some spider monkeys in the local zoo. He jumped off the fence and crossed a water lake and then removed his shirt. However, instead of hugging monkeys gave him severe wounds on neck and shoulders. He was saved by onlookers and immediately rushed to Hospital.

7. “Take me to prison” Hangover

A burglar “20 years old” broke in to a house and steal one vodka bottle, some cash and mobile phones. He fund two mobile phones. He drank vodka inside the house. His act was successful, but at the last stage he dropped one of the phones along with a key chain which has his photograph and name. He was caught by the police.

8. “Tiredness at its best” Hangover

This happened in London, where a Japanese businessmen tried to walk off the escalators and there is nothing wrong in that, but from the wrong side. Whenever he attempts to do so he was immediately pushed off by the passengers. However, he attempted to do so for the whole night.

9. “Party” Hangover

Sometimes Organizations arrange lavish parties to please their staff. However, sometimes the staff is under so much pressure that when they got a chance to party they end up making attempts in shutting down the organization. This happened in BBC where after an office party the whole staff went mad and started damaging office property.

10. “Tattoo hangover”

People dare to do those things in hangover which they can’t do in conscious stage. Many people end up getting tattooed in hangover and that too bizarre tattoos at bizarre parts of body.

There are many other hangover stories which are worth mentioning. 

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