How players party hard and booze during any and every series!

We are copying west since ages. Whether it is good or bad, it has become our habit to copy them. Indians are extremely attracted towards the western culture. One such act is opening champagne after winning a tournament. You must have noticed, opening of champagne after every victory is a must nowadays. Man of the match will open the bottle, other players will lift him up and celebrations will start off. Champaign is not the only drink, which is a part of sports. Sports players party hard and drink alcohol during any and every series of match. Alcohol has become the major part of their parties.

Even if players lose the tournament, they make sure they get a chance to drink alcohol after every match party. A few months back, cricket player Ishant Sharma was seen in a Sydney nightclub having a good time with his team. All of them were seen chugging champagne and alcohol. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Suresh Raina and Ravichendran Ashwin were seen having a good time and drinking alcohol. Virat Kohli was also seen running with champagne bottle when the team celebrated winning their one day cricket series against England at Headingley cricket ground in Leeds September 5, 2014.

Alcohol and boozing is not only common in cricketers, but in other sports players as well. It is nice to see people celebrating with full of zest and energy with alcohol in their hand. Most of the people stick to the television, even after the match is over just to see the celebrations. The way they dance, hug, lift the players and open up the champaign makes me feel, wish I was there. Alcohol and boozing play major role in every sports person’s life. They feel much more energetic after having it. You won’t see any party without alcohol.


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