Plan a date, with ‘YOURSELF’.

Yes, life is hectic and busy, and we are often bound to adhere to certain responsibilities. So how about a break? like a day off!
A day where you can do everything you have been wishing for. A day which you can spend like a queen. Since you are busy, so we came up with a plan for you. Just stick to the plan and have fun!


Skip rope not breakfast.

Breakfast is the first take off the day. it is indispensable to have a lavish breakfast to have a lavish day girly. Here are your most unbeatable options to have breakfast.

1. Eggspectations- You can expect high from eggspectations.



Eggspectations offers a major variety of egg forms from scrambled eggs to boiled eggs and a lot more. When you wish for a lazy American breakfast this place can fulfil your wish efficiently.

2. Ploof deli kitchen- poof the aloof. Lodhi market



This classic ploof seafood is more than just gourmet and delight. The breads and cheese eggs will ever so meticulous seasoning is worth waiting for it( though the service is incredible) we are pretty sure after such breakfast all you would need is to go to a spa and pamper yourself to the core.


For few, wine might be an integral part of their life. Its great to treat it like one so here are some wine tasting spots for you to treat yourself with the sip of wine.

1. Sula vineyards, Gurgaon



Often we get regular wine in places where we wine dine but again often we get bored with those wines. So Sula wine tasting is that helping hand to our taste buds which help us taste different other types of wines not only for our knowledge but for change as well.

2. Asia kitchen, vasant vihar



Asia kitchen is that hub of wine, which serves the best wines along with every new option that, is made.


Keep calm and spa on.

When life seems tired in itself and all you wish for, is something to relax. Spa is the ultimate solution. The two more than best spa’s for you to just relax.

1.The oberoi spa



Go with an empty mind, rejoice the feeling. Rejuvenate in yourself, feel the bliss. These 2 hours are going to help you refresh yourself. Give a push away to the tired you with massages, and oil baths.

2. The imperial spa



Get into the pool. Do not bother about anything other than just feeling the bliss of a good hot water bath. Feel the tension, frustration shedding slowly from you.  Just get rid of the ties.


You call it ladies night we call it therapy

Its time to make use of the tasting you have done, just don’t think about anything and feel special that you are born a lady because these ever so hyper active places are going to make you go bonkers on the floor.

1. Moonshine- Tuesday



Tuesday is the night for moonshine, so put on your shoes, have some booze and party all night. Dance like a maniac. Loose all the ties. Just be yourself.

2. bootlegger-Thursday



When its bootlegger then nothing can hamper your way. Hit the floor. Set yourself free. Forget everything and just live those ‘happy hours’.

We ensure you on your way back home you would have a big smile on your way because the day finally after so long was well spent. Surprisingly you are now power charged to be at work.

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