Open the beer diary and see what your beer says about you.

We predict you for what you eat, what you wear, the way you talk but never on what you drink, so here are some predictions, which we have come across about the way you are on the basis of your drinks. Relate and enjoy.

Yes, your beer says a lot about you. Read on and know what your beer says about you.

  1. Dark ale-you are like a coconut. with a heart of gold, you cover your outer with aggression.
  2. Pilsner-you don’t care about gossips, you are efficient and direct, you don’t want to indulge into stupidity and have no time to do anything which you feel is not efficient for you.
  3. Light lager-you often go on a guilt trip. Because of the guilt, you happen to lose the optimistic approach from you.
  4. Hoppy India pale ale- You want overcome your fears, you want to look good for yourself. You like and appreciate changes.
  5. Brown ale- you doubt your own existence. You think you have low self-esteem and feel that nobody respects you. Just never.
  6. Stout-you feel like a ware wolf in yourself, as if you can fight bears and rhinos.
  7. Oatmeal stout- you are like a packet of fluffy pillow. More like a teddy bear. Nevertheless, hold on, you just look like one you aren’t one. From inside you are taekwondo master who can take a toll on anybody.
  8. Bitter- you are happy go lucky. You are Positive, optimistic and spread positivity. But you certainly can’t stand your ex because when you talk about your ex. You go crazy aggressive, and unfortunately that happens quiet often.
  9. Pumpkin ale- you are always up for a date. You maintain ‘bring it on’ attitude.
  10. Fruit wheat-you are not conscious about anything. You are confident and don’t care what others think about you at all.
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