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Most Popular Cocktails For Different Moods And Occasions

There’s a beverage for every mood and cocktails for special nights. This coming summer, its time to think outside the glass and go for a spanking new drink. Here are easy recipes for some of the most popular cocktails in the world.   

  1. Kir Royale 

most popular cocktails, Kir Royale Cocktails, liquorsky

Ingredients: Creme de Cassis, Chilled sparkling wine or champagne as per your preference

Instructions to Prepare:

  • Take a glass and pour 1 Oz of Creme de cassis in it
  • Slant the glass a bit and pour in your champagne or sparkling wine
  • Stir the drink with a bar spoon (if available) or use any long thin object
  • If you have some cherries add one or two to your drink
  1. Caipirinha 

most popular cocktails, liqorsky, Caipirinha

Ingredients: Juice of half a lemon, one lime sliced into six pieces, two spoons of brown sugar, two Oz Cachasa, 1 Oz Lime Cordial (Rose’s Lime Juice suggested), ice cubes or crushed ice

Instructions to Prepare:

  • Mix-up the limes and sugar in a jigger
  • Pour 2 Oz of Cachasa
  • Now add the recommended quantity of fresh lime juice inside
  • Add the lime cordial and ice cubes
  • Now wobble the drink for fine blending
  • Pour the entire cocktail into a glass full of crushed ice and place a fresh lime slice on top
  • Ready to drink and serve!
  1. Mint Julep 

most popular cocktails, liqorsky, Mint Julep

Ingredients: Three Oz bourbon, a few mint leaves, one tea spoon of white sugar, a little bitters, lime cordial,  club soda, Ice cubes or crushed ice

Instructions to Prepare:

  • Keep muddling the mint and sugar until the aroma of mint spreads out
  • Add 3 Oz of Bourbon and Bitters
  • Stir it for at least 10 times
  • Add ice cubes as per your requirement and shake it well
  • Strain into the glass full of fresh new ice
  • Now add some club soda to the drink
  • Put some fresh new mint leaves on top and serve it cool!
  1. Cosmopolitan 

most popular cocktails, liqorsky, Cosmopolitan cocktail

Ingredients: one Oz orange liqueur, Two Oz citron vodka, one Oz cranberry juice, ice cubes or crushed ice, dash of lime cordial, lime peelings for garnishing  

Instructions to Prepare:

  • First things first, freeze the martini glass
  • Pour some liqueur and vodka in your jigger
  • Add some cranberry and cordial to it
  • Now add the lime juice or squeeze a half lime inside, up to you
  • Fill up shaker with ice
  • Add crushed ice or cubes
  • Stir it for long for a perfect blend
  • Serve the cocktail in a chilled glass for a finer experience!

From the Caipirinha to the Cosmopolitan, these are the most popular cocktails recipes you can always count on. 

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  1. Nikhil
    March 10, 2017 at 11:43 am — Reply

    Mint Julep looks yummy

  2. Mita
    March 20, 2017 at 5:30 pm — Reply

    chilled wine with fruits is something I love, Kir Royale looks amazingly delicious

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