Latest Beer Brand in India that can give your Taste Buds a Brewery Twist

Chimay and Delirium, the two well-known Belgium brands are set to make debut in Indian market.  They are entering India at the time when the Belgian royal couple King Philippe and Queen Mathilde is also in India, to mark 70 years of diplomatic relationships between the two countries.  This latest beer brand in India is brewed by monks within the walls of an abbey. Also, majority of its  revenue  go to charity.Chimay and Delirium

Both the brands will be imported, distributed and marketed in India by New Delhi –based Hema Connoisseur Collections Pvt Ltd, an importer and distributor of some of the top international liquor brands.

“India is probably the most difficult market. But the potential is huge. The beer market in India has matured in recent years, and a section of the society is exposed to Belgian beers which are known for quality, tradition and sustainability. We feel this is the right time,” said Alain de Laet, chief executive officer, Huyghe Brewery that owns the Delirium brand.

However, the only issue concerning the brand is the price at which it would available. Both Chimay and Delirium will be priced at Rs. 550 a pint bottle (retail) in India. Initially, the two Belgian beers would be available across selected eight retail outlets in New Delhi, six top hotels, a few restaurants and 18 pubs, including 12 units of the Beer Café.

The alcohol contents of Chimay —Gold (4.8% alcohol) and Red (7% alcohol), and Delirium’s Tremens and Nocturnum (both 8.5% alcohol) in India. Chimay Tripple, which comes with 8% alcohol content, will also be launched in India soon.

Belgian beer is not new to the Indian markets. Ankur Jain, the founder of B9 Beverages Pvt ltd, made Indians attract to a new brand after he launched Bira91 in 2015.

This latest beer brand in India is here to savor the Indian public, and give a brewery twist to their taste buds.


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