Ladies, Pack your bags, because you are going to have the time of your life, ALONE!

Travelling alone is much more possibly perplexing than possible. Solo travelling is a must experience that every woman should experience at least once in her lifetime. It’s that one heck of an experience which not only includes travelling but learning things which can’t be learnt any other way possible!

So here is a list of those ‘oh so gorgeous’ places to visit, ALONE!

1. Casa di giulietta, Verona.  (Italy)


Love is in the air!


  • Put a letter for your loved one on the wall and the Juliet will mark your loved one with the beauty of your love.
  • Experience the ever so gorgeous vineyards and fresh wine.
  • Famous drink – Campiri, made of the infusion of infusion of herbs and fruit (including chinotto and cascarilla)
  • You can find it in any region of Italy, especially Verona and Milan.

2. Copenhagen( Denmark)


Amidst of the colored house find yourself smiling.


  • The fitness freaks going to office on cycles, and ladies with their babies in the front basket will lure your heart.
  • You can’t miss the exquisite goddess Gefjun fountain, which tells the mythological story of how Denmark was created.
  • Famous drink- Akravit (Grain or Potatoes, basically Scandinavian Schnapps
  • Mostly available in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Alborg are some of the famous cities which have Akravit.


3. Wicklow Mountains Sallys Gap (Ireland)


Maybe you can find your Gerard butler here!


  • Get up in the morning to the beautiful horizon.
  • Get to the karaoke sessions, and treat yourself with the best Irish coffee.
  • Famous – Black bush, bushmills, Made of barley, grape, lemon.
  • Jameson is the hub of blackbush.


 4. Cumbria (England)


Paradise on earth.


  • In the land of landscapes, you might just get lost.
  • Feel the breeze with a cup of coffee, and read pride and prejudice.
  • Famous – Local brewed beer.
  • Every city in England owns their breweries personally. They brew them and put flavors according their tongue.


5. Alaska (USA)


Enchanted dream


  • Witness what most of them have not seen ever, don’t let your camera rest.
  • Wait for the sun to bring shine on the land encrusted with ice.
  • Famous drink- raspberry rossa, made of raspberry and lemon juice.
  • Raspberry rassa is found in Alaska usually. However, the rest of the country keeps versions of it.


6. Buñol ( Spain)


Paint it red.


  • Play with squashed tomatoes. Bathe in the water
  • Walk the roads with
  • Famous drink- Crema de orujo
  • Found especially in Galicia, north Spain
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