How to throw a beach party

Summers are always welcomed by beach parties. This is the best way to get relieved from hot scorching heat. A well-organised beach party can really help get a lot of applause from your guest. A beach party can be transformed in to anyway, it can be a pool party for kids or just a get-together for your girl gang or some fun activities for the guys. Best part of beach party is the venue the beach. Here are some tips that will help you on how to throw a beach party.

  • Food the essence

how to throw a beach party

Food is the essence of any party. If you are planning a party for kids, then whole fruits can be a healthy option’s for kids so that they can enjoy to the fullest and also don’t feel dehydrated like Apple’s, plums and strawberries. Sandwiches, jellies and juices are the favourite food for kids. For Adults cool, crisp salads and some cocktail and mock tails. You can set up a buffet table on the sand with a huge umbrella on the top. So that you can save your food from sand and water. You can arrange for a barbeque as well.

  • Decoration is the main highlight

how to throw a beach party

Decoration is the main highlight of any party. For evening beach party you need to arrange proper lighting. Tiki torches are a dual purpose light that will keep the bugs away and also provide light in your party. You can surround your area with colourful decorative chairs. You can make your party more appealing with the help of bright curtains and lanterns.

  • Games for kids

how to throw a beach party

You can keep the friends happy at the party by engaging them in games. Some of the best games that can keep the all engaged. Cocktails are best when it comes to beach parties, have a look on most popular cocktails for different moods and occasions.

  • Music

how to throw a beach party

Music is the best way to rock a party. Music can make a boring party lively. A portable MP3 player along with speakers can make your party buzz. Make your play list and select all the grooving numbers on which you feel that your guests can shake their leg. Set up a sturdy area where you can keep the player and speaker so that the equipements can be saved from sand and water and the music is also loud and clear.

  • Research

how to throw a beach party

Decide the beach venue and seek detailed information about it. If the beach requires a reservation, then do it well in advance especially in the busy peak season. When inviting guests ask them to bring towels, chairs, bathing suits and other required accessories.

Once your beach party is over, clean up the area of the party.

You can rock your beach party with some planning and management. If you some more great ideas for how to throw a beach party, share with us!

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