How to become a better bar manager ?

Managing a bar is tough work. You’re in charge of making sure that everything’s running smoothly, and it can be a lot to handle! But by keeping these tips in mind, you can make managing more manageable.

1. Trust

Trust is a two-way street. “I trust the orders I’m given because I know the owner has been in my shoes, behind the bar, working. Trust may be the foremost quality crucial to successful management, though not exactly how you might think.

2. Passion

He or she should also be approachable—happy to help, happy to go talk to a table, and happy to educate everyone else.”

3. Take Care of Your People

You’re managing a team, and your team is everything. They’re the product, the face of your business, and the links to ensuring your business runs smoothly.

4. Outline regular goals

You’ll be surprised at how helpful suggestions from the floor can be.

5. Keep Up With the Industry

We know you’re busy, but taking the time to observe industry trends is crucial. oth the internet and the beverage industry community hold useful information that can improve some of the practices in your own bar. Reach out and you’ll learn a lot.

6. Control Your Inventory

There are several factors that determine your inventory usage. These include monitoring over-pour, calculating product margins and understanding product worth.

7. Be available

Get to know your team and allow them time to speak with you if they need it. More importantly, let them know they’re welcome to.

8. Provide feedback in a constructive way

Whether it be positive or negative. The ability to do this will build a solid foundation of skillful staff who feel comfortable in what they can do.

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