Women, we know it well where and how to drink what and why. So here is a list for you, ladies  where you can relive the cherished times of your life once again and laugh over the fun you had. call your long lost friends again, live it new, live it fresh.

1. College days – Tequila


What is not to love about college?  College life is the only time, when you can be poor and drunk. It’s the best phase where drinks like hell tastes like heaven. How many stories do you recall of your amazing college days, share with us in the comments.

2. Professionally booked – Vodka


Once you start sailing the high tide of a 9-6 job, you realize you don’t drink just for fun, it is now a necessity.
Ladies when in doubt, order a clear drink, a safer option for an office party, also less options for bar tender to mess up your drink.

3. Courtship  period – Wine


It is that time where love flows in the air. It’s the perfect time to woo your would be husband. What better option to sound romantic and yet classy. It makes you feel sexy – even if your teeth are straight up red. After all we all want to show off our better side.

4.  Honeymoon – Whisky


A new life, husband, house, room and everything around it. We need something new in our drinking too and with that comes the whiskey. And why not for the first time in your life, you can be drunk and yet carefree , husband dear is there after all.

5. Married life – Cocktail


Honeymoon period is over, and we are now under the constant nagging sessions of our in-laws. Ladies so finally now when we have accepted the change. We definitely need some spice and mixtures to endure the crap. Some cocktails can be perfect to keep the spice in your steady boring life.

6. Mid life crisis – Scotch


This is the crisis stage where comes  ‘why am I supposed to do everything.’ ladies all you need here is to stay calm and relaxed, just order something transparent and come out of the situation.

7. Retirement – Rum


Responsibilities have left our back by now. Finally the time has come to just chill. In addition, have fun, bring back the lost romance, drink, love and make yourself stay warm from the chilled winters with some drinks.

We drink for different reasons: to quench thirst, because we’re addicted, as part of a ceremony, to celebrate, to mourn. We drink when we’re happy. We drink when we’re sad. And then there are the non-drinkers, for whom avoiding drinks is as much an issue as for drinkers picking their drink.

Have some funny story or instance share with us in comments.

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