Facts about college drinking

Alcohol and college are related to each other. A student who enters in college goes out with drinking experience and graduation degree. The problem with drinking is not itself related to alcohol, but the negative consequences of it also has a major impact. College parties and alcohol parties are a part of college culture. However, drinking has serious effect on the mind of underage college students and their whole attention gets diverted towards wrong directions



There are serious consequences of college drinking


. Death: If facts and figures are to be believed, then nearly eighteen hundred college students lose their lives due to alcohol related injuries, such as accidents

. Assault: Every year about six lakh college students who are not drinking are assaulted by other students who consume alcohol.

. Sexual Assault: Even the female college who are not that much involved in to alcohol drinks face a lot of trouble because of drunkard students

. Academic problems: Many students drop out of college because they are not able to bear the pressure of studies. However, the percentage of those dropout students involved in drinking is eighty five percent. Students miss their exams, lectures because of  hangover.

. Other Consequences: Road accidents, fights, suicide attempts and other health problems are also a consequence of alcohol.

Addressing College drinking

For any developing nation, its youth is the biggest possession. The future of the country is decided on the potential of its youth. However, alcohol is polluting youth minds and taking them to wrong direction. Many awareness campaigns are charged in full swings to divert youth from drinking.

In every College there is a particular group or groups of students who are involved in drinking practices. Colleges and NGO should target those groups and aware them about this unhealthy habit. In fact, in extreme cases rehabilitation centres can also be involved in such programs. Education and awareness programs and motivation and awareness programs can also be a good approach.

Similarly programs should also be stated on a large scale for the whole campus so, that those students who  are at higher risk of getting involved in drinking practices can be saved like first year students, student athletes, members of Geek organizations and other targeted students. Other major step in this direction can be to reduce alcohol availability near the college campus.

These stepladders will definitely help college students to maintain a good distance from alcohol.

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