Everlasting Rules For Watching Sports In a Bar

When going to a sports bar, one thing is very important to remember we are  among like-minded people who come to watch sports. Those people are going to the sports bar at the same time to do the same thing as you. Some of them are even fans of the same team as you. It’s actually an amazing scenario when you think about it. 


Let’s start with behaving at the sports bar.

1. Don’t be a hater

At times the Super Bowl that your group doesn’t play in is more agreeable than one in which your group plays in. Care about the amusement and give a shout out to your group, or couldn’t care less about the diversion and root for who your companion is pulling for.

2. Don’t get too loud

Most of the time, the funny line you’re going to yell out loud thinking you’ll bring down the house with laughter ends up not being funny at all. So either run it over again in your head, or better yet just bite your tongue and let everyone else enjoy the game without your commentary. You’re not Al Michaels.

3. Respect others

If a fan of another team insults your quarterback, don’t lash out and insult his or her mother. Keep things civil and even try to be friendly. After all, it’s just a game, so try not to be petty.

4. Make ure the bar has food

Find out ahead of time if the bar serves food. If it doesn’t, find out whether you can bring or order food to the bar. Most sports bars are equipped with some sort of bar food. It’s not always Zagat rated, but at least you can fill your stomach and avoid being drunk by the end of the first quarter.

5. Don’t Get Too Drunk

 It’s a bad look showing up to any bar too drunk to be served. But showing up to a sports bar for a game you care about when you’re too wasted to remember it is even worse. Some people show up sober but jump out to a fast start in the pregame with shots and are hungover by the third quarter.

6. Skip The Bar & Stay Home

You can disregard all of the don’ts that I just mentioned. You can sit wherever you want in front of whomever you want, yell like a maniac, dance like no one is watching, drink until you actually like Peyton Manning (impossible for me), resort to rituals, turn the game off or cry. Whatever!

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