Drunk Dialing: Can You Call These 10 People When You’re Drunk?

Well, we don’t understand why you shouldn’t ring them. In fact, we have prepared a list of people you should definitely call when you’re drunk, it can be memorable.

1. Do you remember that sadistic school teacher of yours, whose motive was to make your life difficult in school? Ring them up and ask “if Ben had 4 apples and lost 1, calculate the mass of the Earth.”

2. If Kareena Kapoor can do it, you can do it as well. Drunk dial that ex of yours who gave you heart-break. Tell them it is their loss, not yours!


3. Now ring their current partner. Don’t cuss or rant, just say, “be the force with you, bro” and hang up.

4. How can you not call that ex boss of yours who expected skills of Batman and paid you peanuts? Dial and let him know whatever you wanted and deserved.


5. You must have one friend who was quite close to you once, but somehow you two stopped talking. Call them up when you’re drunk (you wouldn’t even need to out your ego aside) and start over.


6. How can you forget that person in your school or college who friendzoned you and eventually settled for something less…Ring them up and make them realize what they’ve lost.

7. You should definitely call some salesperson from Vodafone or Airtel who kept calling you when you were in a middle of something. Time to drunk dial them and make them talk about random stuff.

8. Now that your drunk-dialing game is getting strong, it’s the perfect time to call that girl you always liked but never had enough courage to ask her out. You never know what’s been missing so far.

9. Call that annoying co-worker who takes all the credit for the work that’s done by you. It’s the perfect opportunity to give an earful because you can just apologize next morning by saying you were a little too drunk.


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