Drinking: safe or not safe in celebrations

Nowadays drinking is associated with celebrations and happiness. Any celebration be it wedding, house warming, Anniversaries, or any Birthdays are incomplete with alcohol. Brand of the drinks symbolises status and the host’s worth in the society. Celebrations are considered incomplete without drinking. According to estimate, every year alcohol business shoots up in wedding season. Special Cocktails and mock tail counters are organised for the guest to cater their drinking needs.

Though in many celebrations Alcohol is not a part of the food menu, but generally those celebrations miss the real factor. Some People contemplate that placing alcohol counter in the food menu might ruin the function as guests may not be able to handle the hangover. However, here are some important points which one should remember if they are hosting a party with booze.

. Limited bar hours:


If the Bar hours are limited, then your guests will go for alcohol in the limited time. So that they can also have a look at the ceremonies once the bar is closed. You can either divide the whole interval into two to three slots of drinking or limit in timing some of the few initial hours.

. Limit Alcohol selections: 


This will help you keep the celebration in decorum as well cater drinking needs of the guests. Keep limited brands of Wine and Bear which are easy to handle. You can avoid other drinks such as Vodka or Tequila to keep the pace in the Party.

One more way is that rather organising a live counter, catering staff can take the orders from the guests or they can serve clients with resonant a tray of drinks.

. Cash Bar


These days it is quite prevalent in celebrations. Cash bars are kept instead of live counters where guests have to pay for their drinks. This will limit the consumption of Alcohol and also save the expenses.

. Appoint a designated watcher


It happens in every celebration that some guests are not able to handle the hangover. A designated watcher can handle the guests and help them leave the venue safely once the celebrations are over.

. Announcements


Regular announcements can be made from time to time about the rituals of the celebration. It will keep your guests updated about all the ceremonies and they can also enjoy the celebrations apart from Alcohol.

These simple steps will keep your celebrations in decorum and guests can enjoy the drinks.

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