Did You Know Why People Clink Glasses Before Drinking?

Drinking with close friends is an act of celebration all over the world. People from different regions and cultures may have different ways of indulging in sweet elixir. But the tradition of clicking everyone’s glasses before the first sip, or ‘cheering’ as we know it, seems quite universal. You may now wonder why we do this and how it got passed down to us. Alcohol connoisseurs, general folk and historians have worked out various theories of why.

Here are the two possible reasons:

Speculation over a violent reason behind this tradition


When stabbing someone under the dining table was common, diners would keep their elbows on the table to show a sign of trust. Historians believe this tradition originated during a time when a common manner of assassination was poisoning drinks. So, as a sign of faith, glasses were clinked in order to spill the drinks into each others’ glasses. Thus, if someone did slip poison into the drinks, everyone would die including the assassin himself.

The modern interpretation tells a different theory altogether.


This theory is most popular among wine tasters, and is rather more philosophical and poetic. The act of drinking, especially wine, appeals to the sense of smell, sight, touch and taste. It’s something wine lovers delve into quite academically.

As per this theory, the only missing thing out of all the senses is sense of hearing. Since you cannot hear alcohol, which is obvious, people began clinking glasses to include the pleasant sound of clink. This adds the sense of hearing among the mix. Well it certainly did not work for our ancestors who drank in wooden flasks.

Whether you like clinking glasses or not, at least now you have a short story for your mates, and ask what they think about it. Cheers!

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