Deadly duo- These Nine Alcohol combinations can make you sick, very sick…

We think that we are just too smart and whatever we do while drinking is acceptable, but there are certain things that can turn celebration into concern. Scientific and medical research has shown that eating certain food itms can cause health problems. Here are some of them.



Chocolates are just too irresistible. And having chocolates with drinks serves as cherry on the top, I think it’s time to leave the misconception The caffeine, fat, and cocoa in chocolate join forces to aggravate the same gastro issues triggered by other acidic foods, and acid during drinking serves as acid only and no cherries.

2. Pizza


When we drink we already loose the essentials in our stomach, so when we consume something which ahs cheese and Maida and oil and tomatoes our stomach loses the potential to digest it and results into stomach-aches.



Well, yes, it is like a killjoy but oily foods have salt, which dehydrates our body, and we all know dehydration is the last thing, which should happen to us while drinking.

4. Oranges


To hydrate my body I will have fruits. Smart  move? Sorry! But  only according to you. Fruits like oranges and grapes which have citrus acid instigate indigestion, leaving us more dehydrated. If you really want to be smart have a banana, it is rich in potassium and will cut down the acid.

5.Hot sauce


No doubt, spicy food has it, but do not forget only when you are sober. When you are drunk, trust me it is a killjoy.

6. Nuts


Nuts with drinks is like a tradition, time to lose the tradition. Nuts are the most unhygienic snacks as they are high on cholesterol and make you lose the appetite while drinking for actual meal. Provided we know how important food is while drinking.

7. Soda or Aerated Drinks


Never mix your drinks with soda or other aerated energy drinks. Alcohol causes dehydration and these drinks aggravate it because they too do the same.

8. Spicy Oily Food

As we know alcohol is prone to acidity and oily food does now under when talked about acidity, so after drinking try taking light food so that stomach a process with alcohol along with the food.

9. Cheese

drinksCheese has its own effects, it is good to consume before drinking but not after. As it takes time to get digested and when we are drunk, our stomach loses the potential for heavy food.

Therefore, if you wish to make it a happy outing and memorable with fun and not associate it with stomach aches, bad hangover and pukes then start following these guidelines.

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