Choices of drinks to reveal woman’s personality

An Egyptian quote states that you can identify who are your friends and foes with their drink. After a lot of research, it was discovered that a drink says a lot about your personality. People can be categorized on the basis of their drink choices. Even with the help of this study, you can figure out the unsolved mystery of the universe that is woman. You can make a prediction of their moods on the basis of their drink choices and can adapt yourself according to the scenario.


1. Vodka Pineapple

The woman who chooses this drink will be quite mature and stiff. She is not totally against the idea of meeting with a man, but she is quite hard to break. In fact, she will be that person in her group of girls who are always advising and seem to be very serious. A lady with this drink choice prefers to wear something with frills and flow in parties. She is a non- believer of diet and not at all calorie conscious


2. Red Wine

A woman with this drink preference will always make you see that she is on the top. She will always make you feel that she would’ve done it in a better way. She is a good listener too, and will let you talk, but believe it or not she will make you talk about her charm and charisma. You will be overdrawn with her aura. A woman who chooses wine will be wrapped in a black sleek dress waiting for you to adore her.


3. Beer

Woman who chooses beer in the bar is not at all serious fun. She will be a practical, enjoyable and fun loving creature. She will be like your buddy and you will love to hang around with her. You can do a candid chit chat with her on almost any topic. Though she is not on the top list of many guys, but when you are searching for a girl buddy then you can find them in the corner of the bar wearing some giggly and soulful clothes.


4. Rum

A rum drinker woman is dangerous types and it is difficult to trust them. This girl would have no control of herself and after some rum shots she will be out messing things around. When a woman is sad or lonely then they prefer to drink Rum.


There are many more drinks and Of course our planet has plenty of other woman’s too. To relate drinks with woman visit

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