Cheers to royal drinking!

Do you think you are drinking the best of the lot, if yes then kudos !!.  If no then how about a quick peep through the best of the best drinks with the best compliments.

The Rare brewed:

Sapporo’s Space Barley



Well do you think you get your drinks imported but i am pretty sure you have not got your drinks imported from cosmos, hold your bullets because this beer is brewed from the seeds imported from space. How do you feel now?

Straight from space, yeah!

Old is not gold but scotch:



Whiskey is as distilled alcoholic beverage forged out of seethed grain mash. And since we know ‘the older the best’ the grains are aged to quintessential in wooden barrels which generally is made of charred white oak.

Ice is cold, steel balls are sexy cold:

The Icebreak-er


These steel balls are nothing less than some fantasy; these steel balls are a complete chota packet as they hold the strength of cooling equivalent to 6 big ice cubes. The money of these steel balls will go to fight testicular cancer. Oh god, what more could they put to this beauty to make it more heart touching.

The genie got the gin:

Nolets reserved gin

A little wait and this astonishing bottle is yours,


Our genie is a little economical actually, because as we know that gins are not very exorbitant even the high ended ones but exceptions are always there, this precious gin manages to hold the essence of phrase well. On top of the standard botanicals, it’s flavoured with subtle verbena and rare (and expensive) saffron.

Diamond studded:

Diamond studded wine glasses.


Served in the most fancied diamond glasses, and did you just skip a heartbeat on that, if no then skip one because they are worth a fortune. These studded diamond glasses will make you fall or rather rise in love with diamonds.

The branded brandy:

D’Usse XO Cognac


Guys you will have to hold on to that refund a little longer to try this luxurious bottling: The sippable blend of eaux-de-vie aged at least 10 years rolls out next month. We got a sneak preview recently and tasted lots of orange and apricot.

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