Quit Drinking

Best reasons to quit drinking alcohol

1.You will immediately start having more money.

 Just imagine that great feeling to open your wallet and see a bunch of greenbacks. That’s money you WOULD HAVE thrown away on booze, but instead you’ll be able to use it to buy something nice, pay off some debt, or just save for a rainy day. Of all the reasons to quit drinking, this one will be the easiest to notice!

  1. You will no longer need to hide the evidence of drinking from your family. Gone are the days when you will need to hide the booze in a drawer or back shelf, or an empty liquor bottle at the bottom of the trash bag. You know that deep down you felt guilty when you were doing that, and now you don’t need to any longer. You’ve nothing to hide!
  2. Your face will begin to clear up and your complexion will show dramatic improvement.Sometimes we forget how we USED to look when we didn’t drink, and how much our facial features have deteriorated from drinking. Get used to hearing “you look great” from your family and friends!
  3. You won’t miss work due to drinking.There will be no need to lie to your boss about why you can’t make it in. Or, if you really hate your job, you will now have the time and energy to go out looking for a NEW job. And by being sober you’ll also look great at that new job interview!
  4. You will stop wasting time sitting at a bar.

No longer will you pathetically sit at a bar with other addicts gossiping about meaningless events. Instead, you will be out DOING things with your life!

  1. Your friends will admire you for having the strength to quit.

 And not only will they admire you for not drinking, but you will be a good example to them as they try to improve their lives as well!

  1. Your sex life will improve immensely.

Every aspect of your love life will be deeper, stronger, better – and much more fulfilled. Without alcohol in the way you will be more passionate than you’ve ever been. This will become of your favorite reasons to quit drinking!

  1. Your spouse or significant other will have a new-found respect for you.

Just imagine the approving looks of your spouse as he or she gazes at you, both impressed and joyous that you’ve overcome that alcohol problem. Feel the pride!

  1. You will feel empowered.

 You will have overcome a major obstacle that was keeping you

down. You will feel a new sense of confidence and empowerment as you go forward in life.

  1. You will feel happier than ever.

And, isn’t that what we all wanted in the first place?

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