Beer is only a drink? Let’s put some twist and flavour our dishes with some beer

Not that it happens often but when you have a little bit of beer left and don’t know what to do with it, or if you just want to get a little creative and experimental in the kitchen, you can use it to make some simple recipes that have a nice, alcoholic twist that will surely please your taste buds. Why beer? Because it adds interesting flavours to food. All you have to know is the kind of beer to use (which isn’t too difficult), and you’re set to make some delicious starters, main courses, cocktails and desserts.

1. Beer Bruschetta


We all have tried regular bruschettas with bread, cheese, onion & tomatoes at our home. Why not give it a shot with your favourite beer. Beer bruschettas are the perfect combo for beer and cheese lovers.

2. Beer Pani Puri


We have paani puri with masala water which entails mint and other spices, how about we change the water with beer? Yes all you need is to put beer in the gol gappa and we are all set to have mouth watering pani puri.

3. Beer and Yogurt Chicken Tikka

Give your regular chicken tikka a twist. Marinate the chicken pieces in a mixture of beer and yogurt (along with other spices), and grill them to crisp perfection., your beer and yogurt chicken tikka is ready to relish the taste of your mouth.

4. Beer Rice

All you have to do is cook your rice in beer instead of water. Rice cooked with beer is not lumpy, and tastes yum. Imagine the aroma of beer.

5. Beer And Choco-Chip Pancakes

Having same pancakes daily is monotonous , we know that, lets try something new with adding beer to it and make it a lil more exotic.

6. Beer Mushroom Pakoras

Instead of using just besan or maida to make pakoras, whisk in some beer to make a pourable (but not too runny) batter, dip in the mushrooms, and fry them well.

7. Deep Dish Beer Crust Pizza

This tasty Deep Dish Beer Crust Pizza is made in a cast iron skillet. Topped with tomatoes, mozzarella and oregano, it will satisfy any pizza lovers craving!

8. Chocolate Beer Cake


A good meal always accompanies a nice dessert. Chocolate beer cake is for beer lovers who actually wants to have cake and beer. And also for non lovers because it’s too irresistible.

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