9 Things People Should Never Do in a Bar

When you go out next, remember that your bartender is the gatekeeper to a great night: He or she will witness every move made by you, and how you act can ultimately affect how quickly you get served.

So in an attempt to make everybody’s experience a bit better, we’ve accumulated a cheat sheet of 10 things you should avoid doing in a bar. We hope it helps!

1. Never order cocktails in a beer bar

Shocked that your Martini doesn’t taste right? Well, you could be in the wrong bar. We’ve found it’s best to order beer in a beer bar and cocktails in a cocktail bar.


2. Don’t pick fights with a bouncer

You are never going to win, even if you’re bigger or stronger. Just don’t embarrass yourself.


3. Don’t take off your shoes or clothes

 If you want to take your shirt off because you’re sweaty, just go home.


 4. Don’t hold up the line at the bar

 Know what you want to order and keep your money ready. Most probably there will be a long queue of thirsty and impatient customers.


5. Don’t try befriending your bartender

 Bartenders do not come to socialise, it’s not a part of their job. If you want special treatment, just be nice and leave a tip.



6. Don’t get blackout drunk in public

 Avoid being an embarrassment in the crowd. Do not over-drink. You’ll only be raising ruckus for others and on the top of that, a terrible hangover.


 7. Don’t leave mess in the bar

Just because you’re paying for drinks and service, it doesn’t mean you can convert the bar into a trash-room. Don’t make the job of cleaners too hard and disgusting.


 8. The bartender isn’t your waiter

 Just because he or she is serving you drinks, it doesn’t make them your servant. Be polite and keep sense of superiority outside the bar.


 9. Don’t expect free drinks

 “I understand that you’re my girlfriend’s best friend’s cousin and you’re heading to the bar tomorrow, but that certainly doesn’t guarantee free alcoholic drinks”—especially on a busy Friday night.


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  1. mike
    January 22, 2017 at 1:10 am — Reply

    actually the bartender tends the bar, and you’re drinking at the bar, they serve you drinks, they’re your waiter. if they don’t want to clean up a mess or be my waiter, they shouldn’t be a FUCKING bartender

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