9 Funny Pictures Showing Funny Things Drunk People Do

You talk and do a lot of crap, When you’re drunk. Whether you agree with this or not, it’s definitely true.You still don’t think it’s true? Check the funny pictures below!

1. Never give anything precious to drunk people


2. Do not ever leave a wasted man alone with your make-up kit



3. …Definitely not alone with a kid 


4. You really don’t want someone doing your dishes


5. Please tell them their shoes look ‘cool’ or…


6. If you want to know how they’d feed their dog, here’s how


7. You can try as hard as you want, certain things people do just don’t make sense


8. Really do not make sense…



9. No matter how drunk they get, they do want to get home. At least they try to get home…


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    40 best funny pictures of drunk people of all time

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