8 Types of Drunk Friends We All Have

Drunk personalities come in all shapes and sizes. Each one of them is unique, funny, annoying and creepy at the same time. We all have friends that tend to do senseless crazy sh*t after getting drunk. Well, if you don’t have any such friend, you’re the one.

1. The self-obsessed model

“Let’s take a selfie!” “Take my picture” “is my mascara intact?” This is the person who likes nothing more than clicking drunk pictures. Sticking their tongue out is the most predictable pose they make.

2. The whiner

Their drama starts barely after downing 2-3 sips of the drink and their sane friends around have to bear all the complaints about life.

3. The rules-breaker

Rules cease to exist for these once they are drunk. Do not expect them to abide by the simple bar rules. Not to mention every cop suddenly becomes their biggest enemy. These friends often end up getting thrown out by the bouncers.

4. The self-destroyer

They belong to the wilderness. After two shots of vodka they just lose their heads and start doing everything they can do, to bruise themselves. This does include slamming themselves on a car and balancing on a chair with one leg.

5. The laughter enforcer

These cartoons are probably best friends with the self-destroyer. Everything happening around them turns out to be extremely to them. You can try, just try asking them what’s the time and they’ll start laughing for no reason at all.

6. The big baby

We all want to avoid these, no one wants to baby-sit an adult. The mental damage alcohol does to them make them feel like a child and they want to be pampered. You might feel the sense of responsibility but watch-out; you might even have to do a lot cleaning.

7. The lame flirt

All it takes is a little bit of whisky for these to go up to that cute girl or guy they’ve been eyeing all the time. Most of the time it’s not just one guy or girl they fall for.

8. Responsible one

No. They don’t exist.

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