8 oneliners every women who drinks can relate to…

I know by now we are highly frustrated with the remarks we often get on alcohol drinking. So what if we have a drink in our hand, we can still be treated like normal women right.

We would be pleased and happy then ever if you can put this verbal hit on men. Maybe you can comment on a man with a drink in his hand. Maybe it’s time for you all to lose extremist behavior behind.

1. Drinking is not lady like.

party girls

Ya right! Do you even live in present? Because drinking not being lady lie is history. History, my boy is going to repeat in itself. Actually, we just simply know how to keep it up.

2. Truth is, we pretty much like it in everything possible.

party girl

We don’t mind it being in everything. Let it bring the taste everywhere, coffee, chocolates, ice creams, bruschettas etc.

3. Guys feel threatened by girls who drink.

party girl

Gone are the days with the wind when a woman’s work was to look pretty and tip toe to a party with the respective man she is with.

Long time back came the days when women didn’t care about anything but themselves. We party, we travel, we drink. We know how to handle ourselves.

4. Beer, umm works for us!

party girl

Why do men claim beer as their own drink? Oh maybe they are too scared to lose the copyright which they have on beer, APPARENTLY! Well FYI, women are more entitled to beer than men are.

5. Unlike guys, We can hold our liquor.

party girl

What happens to men when they are four pegs down? Umm let me tell, laying on the floor, calling their ex- girlfriend, doing shitty things. We certainly are not like you. We can any day hold better then you guys can.

6. An always-welcomed gift.

party girl

Are you just too tensed and confused to choose a gift for us-who says it’s tough deciding a gift for us, we will be delighted to have a bottle of sparkling wine.

7. We like it every way, be it to just chill or party hard.  We don’t need hardcore reason to drink.

party girl

We don’t need reasons. We know we are having fun and that’s what matters. So don’t judge us on our drinking habits. Let us live. We will appreciate it.

8. we don’t care at all what people say about us. It’s a badge of honour to us!

party girl

We certainly dont care what people have to babble about us. Because, ‘I DON’T CARE I LOVE IT’.

Drinking does not make a person bad or good. It certainly has nothing to do with gender at least so stop putting unnecessarily points to discriminate.

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