7 Embarrassing Myths about Alcohol You Probably Believed In

Whether the goal is to limit calorie intake, prevent a hangover , spread senseless cautions in the air, most drinkers follow a set of honored rules to get through the night with minimum negative consequences.

Below, we have busted the myths about alcohol you always believed in.

Myth #1 – Mixing alcohol with energy drinks will make you drunker

It is well known that energy drinks contain huge amount of caffeine, and still most people believe spiking alcohol with energy drinks will make them drunker. Energy drinks actually mask the effects of alcohol.

Myth #2 – Darker alcohols are healthy

People probably believe this because darker alcohols contain more antioxidants than light-colored drinks. However, darker alcohols like wine, rum, whiskey also contain more hangover causing toxins than the lighter versions.

Myth #3 – Dark beer contains more alcohol than light ones

Even though many low-alcoholic content beers are lighter in hue, color is not the indicator of how “strong” the beer is. Color of beer depends on the type of grain used in making the beverage.

Myth #4 – Puking will help you avoid hangovers

Absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream starts almost immediately. So, getting rid of the small amount by throwing up will not make any difference. At least now you won’t make unnecessary mess in future.

Myth #5 – Drinking beer gives you belly fat

It is one of the most heard lie on this planet. Anything you eat or drink in excess will result in weight gain. It’s the calories that make you fat, not just certain foods or drinks.

Myth #6 – Alcohol kills your brain cells

Alcohol will not permanently destroy your brain cells; it may impair your thinking. Alcohol damages dendrites – little feelers on neurons which send electrical messages to the body from brain. This explains why heavily drunk people can’t even walk in a straight line.

Myth #7 – Consuming caffeine will sober you up

Nothing can speed up the sobering process. Neither a cold shower, nor a hot cup of coffee. Caffeine actually does more harm than good. It will give you a false sense of awareness and confidence but you will still be making stupid decisions.

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