5 Unusual Uses of Vodka You Could’ve Never Imagined

Vodka is one of the most popular spirits all over the world and it’s been consumed since the early Middle Ages. You probably know how versatile it is; its high alcoholic content makes it quite popular in cocktails. But did you know vodka has many lesser known features that make it a good alternative to household products?

1. You Can Freshen Your Laundry


It can kill odor causing bacteria, and it doesn’t leave a scent after drying up. If you’re too lazy to do laundry, you can spray your clothes with vodka and hang them to dry in ventilated areas, your clothes will smell fresh.

2. Vodka Can Make Bathroom Fittings Shine


Does your kitchen sink look awful? What about your shower faucet? That’s not something you should be proud of. Fret not, apply it to a cloth and clean those dirty faucets. They will start shining in no time.

3. Preserve Your Flowers With Vodka


It seems like flowers . If you want to preserve the sweet scented flowers at home, just add a few drops of vodka and a little bit of sugar to the water in your flower vase. Change this mixture daily and your flowers will last longer.

4. Vodka Can Repel Bugs and Mosquitoes


It’s alright if you have run out of mosquito repellant, vodka in your bottle will come to the rescue. Nobody likes muggy, hot summer days- partly because of the bugs. Get rid of them by pouring some vodka in a spray bottle and spray it around. On the plus side, it doesn’t contain DEET unlike most repellants.

5. Clean Your Jewelry


You don’t want your jewels to look dingy, do you? You can clean them by soaking the items in vodka for 5 minutes and washing with water. It is also safe for diamonds and various other gemstones.

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