5 Reasons Why Partying at a House is Better Than Drinking at a Club

We always see mixed reactions when it comes to drinking and partying. Many would say drinking and partying at clubs is the coolest option, but we don’t agree with that. Don’t get it wrong, we’re not saying clubs are “not cool”. It’s just that there’s a better option – a house party. We’ll tell you why:

1. Arranging Drinks


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Partying at a club: You will surely be having great fun, but it lasts till you receive the bill at the end.

Partying at a house: You will know how many people can come and how many drinks you’re going to need. This is quite pocket-friendly.

3. Getting Judged By People

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Partying at a club: Believe it or not, you will get a little nervous if you’re not a regular club go-er.

Partying at a house: You can pretty much act like a ‘boss’ at your house party . Dance to any tune you want, no matter how embarrassing it is, no one will judge you. You can enjoy even if you’re not too friendly with alcohol.

3. DJ Wale Babu

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Partying at a club: Chances are that your favorite tunes might not be played by the DJ and obviously this can deter you from shaking a leg or two.

Partying at a house: You’re the DJ. Play whatever music you want or whatever your friends like, it’s your party.

4. Getting Back Home

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Partying at a club: Definitely one of the biggest concerns we all face. We cannot and we shouldn’t drink and drive , this leaves us with very few options. Plus you cannot party all night at a club.

Partying at a house: You don’t have to worry about getting home. Even your guests/friends can crash at your place, there’s nothing better than spending a whole night with your mates.

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