23 Things You are doing To Piss Off the Bartender

You really wouldn’t want to piss off the person that makes your drinks all night. There are numerous things bar-goers do or say that are offensive and simply annoying. While we cannot list them all, we want to make sure you do not do or say these 26 things if you want a decent service from the bartender.

  1. Eat out of the fruit tray meant for cocktail drinks.
  2. Try to enter the bar before it opens, then ask: “Is it okay if I just wait?” No, it is not okay.
  3. “Yes I’m not paying for that.” – Who else would pay for your drinks?
  4. Use an incredibly outdated name for an overly basic drink. Ordering a “Cape Cod” will not make you sound like less of a vodka-cran drinker.
  5. Make the bartender wait while you try to explain the drink you had last week that wasn’t prepared by the same person.
  6. Debate happy hour with the bar staff.
  7. Confuse the bartender with hostess/barback/some other bartender with brown hair.
  8. Order a Bloody Mary after 3PM.
  9. Ask to charge your iPhone behind the bar. Seriously, charge it before you leave the house.
  10. Inform them that they have beer on their shirt.
  11. Dramatically flashing your wallet in front of their face in an attempt to get served before the 20 other people who ordered before you.
  12. Show up with your friend, order one drink each and then ask them to split the check between your two credit cards.
  13. Complain about paper towels in the men’s bathroom. It’s not their part of the job.
  14. Drunkenly ask them if they are hiring.
  15. Blame us them for putting too much alcohol in your drink because you can taste it.
  16. Ask them for a cup of coffee or tea.
  17. Moving across the bar and touching the Bartender. No one likes that seriously.
  18. Interrupting them when they’re listening to some other customer.
  19. Speaking or complaining loudly.
  20. Wearing Your headphones at the bar.
  21. Using hand gestures to get their attention/
  22. Asking the bartender “so, what’s your real job?”
  23. Trying to Have a Long Conversation When It’s Busy.
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