22 Buzzword all bartenders will find humorous

Yeah, no ice doesn’t mean strong….I have gone through every single one of these and they all happened with YOU!

Here are the Memes All Bartenders Will Find Funny … And Things Got Real

1. I don’t know what I want

But can you stand there while I decide.


2. What If i told you


Isn’t a response to “How r u ?”


3. You keep asking for less ice in your drink?

I don’t think it means

What you think it means


4. Something to drink sir?

Hmmm…. I  don’t know,

What’s your speciality?


5. You ask me to recite all 20 of the beers,

We have on tap and you order a freaking coors light


6. When a customer snap their fingers at you


7. You want a free drink

Cause It’s your birthday…


8. I’m Your bartender

Not your phone charger


9. Yes, This is my real job.


10. WOO0 It’s Friday

Oh wait I’m a bartender


11. So you’re late for work

Let’s play a game of HideNSeek


12. Eat from my fruit caddy

And I will cut you.


13. Guest tell you how he used to be a bartender

Then leaves without tipping you


14. I know the owner too,

And he said you’re annoying

15. When a customer says they want to speak to the manager

And the manager tells them exactly what you said


16. When you’re on a break at work

And see the staff struggling because it got busy


17. You work in the industry

But decide to come 10 mins before close

Yeah….. Go fuck Yourself


18. When your relief arrived late

And you Ain’t even in the mood to talk


19. Raise your hand

If you didn’t get enough sleep last night


20. Me: I need money give me more hours

Manager : If you wanna leave early you can


21. When you see a customer take the first sip of a cocktail

That you just made them & It blows their mind.


22.In my head

When I know tips will be good for the night

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