16 fun things to do when you’re drunk in a bar

Alcohol can divert your mind to that direction where you don’t want to go in conscious state. In fact, according to a report many people commit blunders in drunkard state. You and your friends completely shed the civilised nature. Here are sixteen fun things to do when you’re drunk in a bar.

.  Dance aggressively

things to do

we always want to dance like a mad animal in public. If you also wish to do so, then dance like a bear on the stage floor in the bar, without caring about other people personal space.

. Wish to say something

things to do

If you wish to say something to the special one, then this is the best time. Message your feelings and you will stay harmless. As you can say “sorry I messaged you, I was drunk last might”.

. Attempt choreographed dance move

things to do

This is best for your girl gang. You can plan out some moves and choreograph them with your gang. When the actual show begins, get drunk and start grooving with your planned moved and set the floor on fire. Perhaps your video can be the next YouTube hit.

. Demonstrate your key skill

Everyone does have a key skill or some move in their youth. Maybe your bones don’t allow you to do so now. Once you are drunk, then no bones no senses. You can start practicing those moves in the bar. Next morning, you may open your eyes in the hospital.

. Buying stupid thing online

You can turn up you’re fanaticises in to reality and can order something really weird from shopping sites. Trust me, no one will ever doubt you and you also get your desired things like you wish to eat dog biscuits, but you don’t have a dog.

. Try karaoke

This can be on the top of your things to do list. Many people don’t feel like singing in public. If you also belong to the same shy class, then go the bar and fuel yourself with bear up to neck and let the world enjoy your voice. Either you will end closing the bar before shutdown time or you will find yourself in different bars throughout the night.

. Want to sleep on the street

This is the funniest thing to do. Some people really find sleeping with dogs on the street more comfortable, then sleeping on a cosy bed. However, if you are drunk, then everything is excused for you.

. End up in wrong toilet

If you ever wish to explore opposite sex wash rooms. Best time to do this thing is when you are drunk. Of course, people will understand your emotions.

. Leave nasty comments

things to do

Sometimes you wish to give nasty comments to your friend turned foe. Well, this is the best time to do so. You can really go to any limits.

. Playing truth and dare

This is the best drunkard’s game. Play with bear bottle and give weird dares to your friends so that you will never see them again for one month or you wish to dig the secrets then truth are there. Hope the game doesn’t backfire on you.

. Boss, the ultimate enemy

Bosses are always on the hit list. If you are in the bar, then this is the best thing to do. Wake up your boss in the mid night and flood out frustration on him.

. Tell your friends reality

Just let your friends know what you exactly think about them and can break off your decade’s long unwanted friendship.

. Tell your mom how much you love her

Aww! If you have not talked to your mom from long time, then this is the best time to do so and she will immediately realize where you are sitting.

. Share your feelings

things to do

You can share your feelings with your friends

. Make brilliant plans for your future

You can decide your future plans over a bottle of bear and then forgetting everything about the deal next morning.

. Reveal your secrets on social media

Social media is the best platform to express yourself. However, some people use it for wrong reasons.

There are many other things to do when you are drunk in a bar. So, go and grab a drink and reveal a totally different you.

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