15 Places to Drink Beer in India

India is a cluster of different caste, creed and culture. Every state has its own set of rules pertaining to Drinking Beer. However, every state has a varied night life, where such rules can be kept aside for some time and you can drink wine within permissible limits. Here is a list 15 places to drink beer in India where you must drink Wine or Beer before you die.

1.  Kitty Su

places to drink beer

It is located in the heart of Delhi. The nice ambience and aura of this place makes drinking more pleasurable. Kitty Su is full of dancing and DJ nights. The hot and happening has already make it to DJ Mags Top hundred clubs of the world. There are multiple bars in this place and so no need to wait for your turn and enjoy.

2.  Blue Bar

places to drink beer

Delhi is considered the hub of Bars and Night life. One more in the list is the elegant Blue Bar giving different standards to the night life of Delhi. The whole aura of this place is so attractive that you want to spend hours at this place by just sitting on the comfortable enjoying your drink with the fabulous dance and music.

3.  Tamasha

places to drink beer

It is a new entrant and just started in the year 2016. This place is quite huge spread over fifteen hundred acres and with three floors. The exceptional structure of the place has made it very prevalent among Delhi People. Bar is shaped in the form of truck and this place get full marks for the fusion of creativity and hospitality.

4. Club M

places to drink beer

It is situated in Goa which is considered the best place for partying and pubs. Goa itself is a place of freshness, Beaches, Fanny’s and nightlife. Club M is located in Central Goa. Night does not seem to end at this place. International artists and DJ perform here taking the night to a different level. You can enjoy your Wine and cocktails with the soothing music.

5. Tito

places to drink beer

This is the ultimate place for travellers and Hippies. It is located in Candolim Beach near Kingfisher Villa. This is the oldest brand of pubs with an exquisite collection of Beers and Wines. You can enjoy your drink while walking along the Sea-side. Sometimes, drinking in peace has its own doles.

6. Café Mombo

places to drink beer

The best part of drinking in Goa is that you can see how every generation be it old, young or middle aged drinks in Harmony enjoying the light music and dance. Café Mambo is one such place with an artistic dance floor. People can do rock and roll on DJ Tunes. Café Mambo has a classic collection of Cocktails which you must try once.

7. Café Mondegar

places to drink beer

It is located in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. This place offers Beer and wine and the place is melodied by Retro flavour Music sometimes followed by jazz and pop. This place is pocket friendly and provide beer and wine at very cheap prices. You can sit, relax and enjoy your drink along with delicious starter.

8. Leopold Café and Bar

places to drink beer

It is located in Mumbai and it is very famous places for Drinking beer and wine. This place is also mentioned in Gregory David Robert’s account of his time in Mumbai. You can see many foreigner’s at this point enjoying their drink on Retro music. You can order pitchers or beer tower at nominal prices.

9. Colaba Special

places to drink beer

This is place is located in the heart of Mumbai, which is a normal food serving point in the day and in the night it turns in to a fully packed Bar. You can enjoy your drink with delicious appetizers and starters.

10. Downing Street 

places to drink beer


This place is located in Chennai. You can count it as their specialty or limitation that they only serve Kingfisher beers and no other drinks. If you are a kingfisher lover, then this place is for you.

11. Moon and six pence

places to drink beer

This is another place in Chennai where you can enjoy your wines and drinks in an open space at the banks of Beach. The aura of this place is very refreshing. You can get North Indian cheese starters at very cheap prices with authentic taste.

12. US 101

places to drink beer

This is happening where you can enjoy drinking with your buddies. If you feel like smoking in the middle of the drinks, then there is a provision for a small smoking room. Enjoy chilled bear with tangy food.

13. The Beer Café

places to drink beer

Punjab is known for their hospitality and beers. The Beer Café is located in Chandigarh and you can find every brand in this Bar.

14. The Great Beer

places to drink beer

Another place to hang out with Chilled bear and friends in The Great Beer in Punjab. It has a different space for peace loving party animals where they can just sit and enjoy wine and cocktails with loved ones and family.

15. Thugs

places to drink beer

Another Pub located in Delhi with a catchy title. This is a new place where they serve chilled bear with hot starters. A deadly combination to die for.

Though from the last few decades, India has developed class of people who drink wine and Beers. Our society has come over the negativity towards Liquors. There are many other places to drink beer in India as well where can enjoy and chill out with your friends.

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  1. shweta
    June 7, 2016 at 12:52 pm — Reply

    nice blog

  2. Natasha
    March 14, 2017 at 5:33 pm — Reply

    Tamasha is an awesome lace to hangout in CP, one must try, nothing is better than a chilled beer with buddies!

  3. Vinyl
    April 4, 2017 at 6:02 pm — Reply

    the beer cafe in Amritsar is also good, ambiance is great

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