12 Words That Have Completely Different Meaning When you’re Drunk

Liquorsky has come up with a list of 15 words that have a totally different meaning when you’re drunk.  When you’re constantly whining about your life and future but no one really pays attention. Pay attention to the sober and drunk meanings of these words.

1.  Conversation


Sober Meaning: When you talk to someone.

Drunk Meaning: When you’re constantly whining about your life and future but no one really pays attention.


2. Stairs

Sober Meaning: What you climb.

Drunk Meaning: What you want to climb but give up halfway.


3. Passcode

Sober Meaning: A convenient feature to protect your phone.  

Drunk Meaning: A ridiculous invention that doesn’t want you to use your phone and it completely hates you.


4. Best Friend


Sober Meaning: A good friend of many years.

Drunk Meaning: The person you met an hour ago at the club.

5. Taxi


Sober Meaning: Convenient mode of transportation.

Drunk Meaning: Spiritual carriage that you wish you could afford after blowing all your money on drinks.


6. Tip


Sober Meaning: 10%, take it or leave.

Drunk Meaning: Just stupid numbers, take whatever you want.


7. Road

Sober Meaning: Where you and others drive.

Drunk Meaning: Where you sleep and others drive .


8. An Idea

Sober Meaning: Probably something productive.

Drunk Meaning: Definitely something destructive.


9. Dancing


Sober Meaning: Controlled, rhythmic movement to good music .

Drunk Meaning: Just any movement of the body, to any music, even if it’s playing in your head.


10. Selfie


Sober Meaning: What you don’t want to take unless you’re looking great.

Drunk Meaning: You have to take at least one thousand of it.


11. Sleep

Sober Meaning: What you want to do in your bed.

Drunk Meaning: What you can do anywhere.


12. Keys


Sober Meaning: Just a way to open your door, and they also keep your stuff safe.

Drunk Meaning: Another invention that was designed to torture you because they won’t work.


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