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10 Types of Wine you should know

A regal experience of fine dining at home requires a round table, candles, savory dishes, your significant other, and a good old bottle of wine. However, many of us are illiterate when it comes to choosing the right wine for the occasion. To help you, Liquorsky has compiled a list of 10 types of wine you should know, that will bring about the best fine-dining experience.  


types of wine

It’s a white wine that’ll treat your tongue when you taste it as well as when you pronounce it. Young Chardonnay packs a fruity punch while an old bottle has a hint of bourbon. Chardonnay goes best with cream and cheese-based dishes such as Fondue and creamy chicken.    

Cabarnet Sauvignon 

Cabarnet Sauvignon

It’s a red wine that complements red meat such as beef and lamb veal. You’ll be able to savor the essence of black currant and cedar with Cabaret Sauvignon. It’s a full-bodied lamb. 


types of wine, different types of wine

Zinfandel has a better fruity profile than any of the wines on this list. The flavor is reminiscent of blackberry, spices, plum, and cherry. You’ll love this red wine with Indian food.  

Chenin Blanc 

types of wine, different types of wine

As the name suggests, Chenin Blanc is a white wine (Blanc means ‘white’ in French) made from the grapes of the same name. Chenin Blanc has a tropical flavor of juicy fruits such as pineapple, melons, and green apple. It goes well with almost all the dishes but chicken and fish are best served with Chenin Blanc. 


types of wine, different types of wine

Syrah can taste like plum, black pepper, tobacco, and even blueberry. Syrah is a full-bodied red wine that accentuates the taste of Mediterranean and French cuisine.     


types of wine, different types of wine

Hannibal Lecter loves Chianti with a serving of Liver (don’t ask which animal) and fava beans. Jokes aside, the Tuscan red wine tastes great with red meat and barbeque. It has a nice sour factor along with a berry-like flavor.   

Sauvignon Blanc 

types of wine, different types of wine

Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine with an aggressive citrus taste. You’ll find a touch of mint or green pepper as well. Wine Connoisseurs recommend bacon with this wine.   


types of wine

Merlot grapes look awesome but the red wine extracted from these grapes taste extraordinary. It has low tannin levels that lower the ‘drying’ sensation in your mouth. Merlot tastes of black currant and oak and it’s best accompanied with cheese and smoked meat.    

Pinot Noir 

types of wine

Pinot Noir is a rose-flavored red wine infused with vegetal notes. It is light-bodied and tastes best with duck, pork, chicken and nutty dishes.   

Pinot Gris 

types of wine

With citrus characteristics, this light-bodied white wine is a friend to you poached fish dish and salad. Among other types of wine, Pinot Gris offers a slightly bitter sensation at the end of your palate. 

Want to add another entry into this list of various types of wine? Let us know! 


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