10 Things everyone who Grew Up Drinking In India Has Done

Drinking is always in the fantasy list of growing up kids. However, Indian Parents are quite constricted about drinking habits of kids. Drinking in kids is a big concern in India. They don’t want their children to develop drinking habits before an age and that age is also decided by them and mind it that age never comes. So, Gen next has to get smarter to fulfil their carving. Here are ten things which everyone does for hiding their drinking habits so that parents doesn’t get to know about it. If Parents were not that strict, then they have allowed kids to drink in family gathering and so these hacks are required.

. Drinking on family gatherings

At family gatherings where your parents are busy attending the guests. Suddenly you find the bear bottle just some steps ahead and no one is watching. You probably have put the same in your cold drink glass and pretending to be a ideal kid.

. Stealing from Parents wardrobe

Indian Parents are quite conservative and they don’t want their kids to know about their side. They hide their bottles in the corner of their wardrobe. However, one day you must have discovered this secret and the next big thing is that the bottle along with parents secret is in your hand.

. Best friend

At that age, only that person seems to be the best friend, whose parents are always out for work. So, no one is watching you and you satisfy your carving there.

. Officially adult

Though in India there are strict laws for drinking, but there are shop owners who supply bear to underage kids illegally. To show off your friends you must have got bear from that shop to prove that you are officially adult now.

. Changing labels

This is done by everyone. Pouring Bear or Wine to cold drink bottle is a regular practice. So, that you never get caught. However, if that cold drinks were served to your grand Parents, then rest is all history.

. Drinking leftover

Once a party is over, but you find some drops of bear in a bottle. You can’t resist and immediately gulped it without catching the glimpse of anyone.

. Hiding Hangover

Best way to hide hangover is to sleep, but Indian Parents are so smart that they immediately find out something suspicious in sleeping. Next step is smelling mouth and then getting caught.

. Elder friends

Every kid has an elder friend who can help in buying these stuff from local shops and pubs. Old friends can immediately provide you with the access of all these stuff.

. The wonder age

Eighteen is the wonder age which every kid wants to attain as soon as possible. So, that they flash their updated age to club bouncers and sometime to their parents too.

. Joint studies

Joint studies become more prevalent at this age as this gives a fair to satisfy their carving buds for drinking.

We feel like that parents doesn’t get to know about all these hacks. However, they know us better, but they leave so that we can learn from our bad experience.

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