10 Most Iconic Drinks and Their Country of Origin

Almost every country in the world has its own traditional and unique alcoholic beverage. In most cases, these drinks represent the cultural aspect of the associated countries. We have put together a list of the most popular drinks in 10 countries all over the world.

1. Whisky – Scotland


Most other countries like USA, Australia, and Ireland might call it “whiskey” but not in Scotland. Other unique fact about Scotch whisky is- the spirit is aged in oak barrels for at least 3 years.

2. Bourbon – USA


Bourbon was declared “National Spirit of America” back in 1964. This iconic drink is made with corn and aged in barrels by which it obtains its distinct flavor.

3. Tequila – Mexico


Tequila is made from a plant called blue agave. Rumors suggest you can find worms in your drink- it seems unlikely unless it’s a lower end product.

4. Mojito (cocktail) – Cuba


Mojito is made from sugar, rum, lime juice, mint and sparkling water. This rum based cocktail is famous all over the world.

5.Guinness (beer) – Ireland


This Irish dry stout is the best selling alcoholic drink in Ireland with annual sales of over $2 billion.

6. Sangria (cocktail) – Spain


This deep red drink is made from red wine, cut fruit and brandy. Sangria was named after Spanish word “sangre” for blood.

7. Champagne – France


This  wine is made specifically in the Champagne region of France. Champagne is also called “le vin du diable” or “the devil’s wine” in France.

8. Gin – England


Gin is considered a versatile drink in England and is often a part of almost every cocktail.

9. Vodka – Russia


Vodka is produced from fermented potatoes or grains. Vodka is so popular in Russia that it makes up to 70% of all alcohol consumed there.

10. Asahi (beer) – Japan


Japan’s number one beer is also one of the most popular beers worldwide.

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