10 Foods You Should Avoid Before the Drinking Night

People say your dreams should be sweet, not the food you eat before bed or drinking. There’s no shame in accepting that you don’t know much about drink and food pairing – most people don’t. Not all food and beverages get along well.

Here is the list of 10 foods you should totally avoid before and during the drinking night.

1. Doughnuts and Cakes

Fatty, sweet desserts like doughnuts and cakes are digested at a much slower rate than other eatables. Avoid sugary stuff before drinking if you want to prevent a terrible hangover.

2. Salty snacks

One of the terrible things alcohol does to your body is dehydration. Salty foods make it worse.

3. Spicy Oily Food

So, if you the drinking game on for the night then don’t eat a heavily oiled dinner. If you want to eat something before or after consuming alcohol, make sure it’s light and easily digestible. You don’t want to push your stomach to the limits.

4. Soda or Aerated Drinks

You shouldn’t mix your drinks with soda or energy drinks. Alcohol causes dehydration and these drinks worsen it as they do the same.

5. Super-Spicy food

Heavily spiced-up food upsets your stomach when you’re sober, it’ll be much worse when you’re drunk.

6.  Coffee Creamer

Coffee creamer is one of those foods that you might not even take seriously. Even though drinking alcohol with coffee creamer is not so common, we’re just making sure you don’t horrendously mix the two.

7. White Bread

White bread is a staple in most places, but the hard truth is that it doesn’t have any nutritional value. White bread has a lot of sugar and it doesn’t have the ability to make you feel full.

8. Burgers

There are a number of reasons why burgers with alcohol is a bad idea. Burgers are high on salt, they usually have white bread, the patties are deep fried and contain a lot of oil – not a light food for sure.

9. Caffeine

You’re drinking wine atdinner, start yawning after a few glasses, and perk yourself up with a post-meal coffee cup. Bad idea. Caffeine can manipulate you and push you for an extra unnecessary glass of wine.

10. Rice cakes

Rice cakes may have held a “healthy” reputation, but they are totally empty – nutritionally speaking.

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