10 drinks for Best Crazy Cat Lady Life

Cat ladies are much like a typical cat – edgy, aloof and cute. Just like cats, these women like to work for the affection they get. They love to travel, they are a little crazy and they don’t hover.
We are listing below 10 cocktails that get best suited to these crazy cat ladies.

Here is the list of some recipes for delicious cocktails and advice on how best to optimize your enjoyment of them in ~true cat lady fashion~.

1. Nap cocktail

One of the best parts of cat-personhood is the naps. They’re warm, soothing, and if you can get one of your guys to purr on you, absolute heaven.


2. Sun spot cocktail


You’ve seen your cat find the perfect sun spot and then just relax the day away. On days you feel like curling up on the floor in some sun, whiskey turns this drink into the sun spot that you need.


3. Majer Laser Cocktail


Ever watched your cat get super excited about a laser and think, Man, I wish I could get that excited about something! Well, now you can and it involves tequila.

4. Kitty later  


This drink is useful like kitty litter but more fun because it involves a liter of vodka.


5. The hair of the cat cocktail


If you’ve always wished your hangover cure could be cuter and more inclusive of cats, this drink has got you covered.


6. The kneader


Nothing says ~true cat lady~ like getting in the spirit and making things as your cat would make them. So get to kneading with this carb-y, knead-intensive drink.

7. Cat scratches cocktail


 This gets its name from what cat scratches do: They hit you hard and they linger for way longer than they’re supposed to. Just like a solid shot.

8. Cat on a hot toddy cocktail


It’s warm, it’s relaxing, and too many may make you feel like a cat on a hot tin roof.

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