10 Best Places in India for Beer Lovers

We have created a list (based on various surveys) of places throughout India where people like drinking beer. So, if you’re a beer guzzler as well, the following are must-visit spots for you.

1. Mumbai – The Barking Deer Brewpub


This pub in Mumbai has an in-house brewery that crafts its own beer. With superb ambience, this spot is quite famous for its burgers.

2. Gurgaon – Soi 7


Soi 7 also has an in-house brewery that makes popular wheat beer. Varieties of entertainment options are available in this pub, from boxing bouts to live bands.

3. Gurgaon – Manhattan Craft Brewery


This huge brewpub hosts its own comedy-night shows every Thursday with stand-up comedians from all over India. There German wheat beer and lager are always in-demand by pub goers.

4. Lucknow – Strokes


Good bars are hard to find in Lucknow. Luckily, people there do have Strokes that boasts zebra-print seating, metallic décor, backlit bar and UV lights.

5. Mumbai – Cerveza


With staggering 40 different varieties of beer served, this bar is like Mecca of this drink. Striking the perfect balance, this place also serves really delicious food.

6. Delhi – Mia Bella


If you want to embrace the view of Hauz Khas Village lake and experience lively atmosphere with every day of the week, Mia Bella is a must visit place for you.

8. Bangalore – Toit


Although they do not have their own brewery, the stylish rooftop setting compensates well for that. This must-visit spot of Jaipur offers great food and unique ambience.

9. Hyderabad – Cuba Libre


You will not find a better Cuban themed pub anywhere else in India than this. This pub offers a designated smoking area with a pool table. The food here is just unbelievable. You can also get the world-famous Cuban cigars here.

10. Goa – Britto’s

If you plan on visiting Goa, you must not return without going to this place. This restaurant has everything to offer, from view of beautiful Baga beach to amazing Goan cuisine.

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