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Bars in CP; cheap beer in Delhi
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After the dog, beer is considered to be man’s best friend. While you can pet a dog anywhere, it becomes difficult to visit bars every Saturday evening to crack open a cold one with the boys as it can leave a hole in your wallet. Hopefully, Delhi is known for

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Top Bourbon Drinks
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Bourbon is the spirit of America, both literally and figuratively. A lot of people like to drink it neat while they make important parle, as Hollywood has shown us. However, you can use it to create delectable cocktails too. Here are the top 5 bourbon drinks you shouldn’t miss. Boulevardier 

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List of Beer Cocktails

It is summertime and we’re sure your fridge is full of a variety of beers. Instead of downing those pints directly, why not experiment this time? Everybody knows cocktails use a number of different liquors, but, have you ever seen a pint of Heineken added to a Long Island Iced

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Most expensive whiskey brands - Isabella’s Islay
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Did you know, some of the most expensive whiskey brands are not high-priced because of their taste, but because of the vessels they are bottled in? With an interesting history and a place in every gentleman’s favorite drinks, whiskey has always been a valuable drink. Here is a list of

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Amazing Health Benefits of Beer

Beer is love, beer is life. This effervescent ambrosia slips from the mug and plays an exciting game with your taste buds. The intoxication following the stimulating adventure takes…

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MGD 64

Beer is considered to be one of the major contributors of pot-belly in young adults and middle-aged men. An average bottle of beer can have 150-200 calories. This is almost equal to …

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Destinations for Wine Lovers

The finer things in life include a hammock on a Goa beach, a Chardonnay in a Riedel glass and an Ayn Rand classic. Some prefer a bon-vivant experience of dining inside a wine house. Medium-rare

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sports bar tips

The best way to get relieved from this hot scorching heat is to throw a party.  A boozy summer party will definitely rejuvenate your tired body cells and fill you with a fresh splash

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