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List of Best Flavored vodka cocktails.

Best Flavored Vodka Cocktails Vodka, the national pastime of Russia has transcended borders to be the all-time favorite drink of many boozers across the globe. The ‘fire-water’ doesn’t agree with the tongues of many, but because it sort of lacks a particular flavor, people prefer to use vodka in many

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Top 5 ‘cold ones’ that won’t give you a beer belly
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We know, whenever you crack open a cold one with the boys, your girlfriend/wife starts nagging about your body and health. Your belly is coming out, faster than George Michael. Beer is a gift from Dionysus but sadly, it has a downside of making you look like Jabba the Hutt.

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Have you ever tasted a real mojito or a hurricane? If not, you are missing out on some of the great flavors that rum cocktails have to offer. The basic recipe uses just the 3 simple ingredients: rum, lime juice, and simple syrup. There is absolutely no reason why should

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Queen Alizabeth

Hardwork is the key to success. Anyone who works hard in their lives, deserve something scintillating at the end of the day.  The world leaders for that cause are not a rarity. They also love to sit back, relax, and enjoy their drink. Here is the list of famous drinkers

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MGD 64

Beer is considered to be one of the major contributors of pot-belly in young adults and middle-aged men. An average bottle of beer can have 150-200 calories. This is almost equal to …

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Destinations for Wine Lovers

The finer things in life include a hammock on a Goa beach, a Chardonnay in a Riedel glass and an Ayn Rand classic. Some prefer a bon-vivant experience of dining inside a wine house. Medium-rare

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sports bar tips

The best way to get relieved from this hot scorching heat is to throw a party.  A boozy summer party will definitely rejuvenate your tired body cells and fill you with a fresh splash

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sports bar In Gurgaon, clubs in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is becoming the new hub for party lovers and sport lovers. It is one of the most developed city of Delhi and NCR region. This city is the house of some of the best sports bars and

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